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alisa1226: I'm rather new to Wicca. What happens when there're two full moons in a month, such as this month?
alisa1226: Anyone?
alisa1226: Anyone there?
womanofthecraft333: Blessed be my new Wiccan sisters and brothers. blush
wiccangirl28: Hi im new to wicca can someone tell me how the moon cycle works for thisblush
samantha: heart
zallikex: Hello
ca_westley: hi. I'm new to wicca
ca_westley: my name is brianna
ca_westley: how do I find spells to put in my book of shadows
jenniferm14ca16: Hello my name is Jennifer I am new and I have decided to be a member. gift
shelleyapril4: Hello im new here and i was wandering if there was someone on here that is living in knoxville
shelleyapril4: Really would like to find somebody that is willing to work together and learn some new things and help eachother if need be. Dont have to be in knoxville. Can just email
shelleyapril4: Well i see that no body is on so im leaving too. Blessed be
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